The Pen In The Trenches

The battle rap world is buzzing with excitement as Eazy The Block Captain and John John Da Don are set to face off in Philadelphia. This epic clash has been a long time coming, with a grudge that has been simmering for over a year. The event is a collaboration between two renowned battle rap leagues, The Trenches, and Bullpen, who came together to bring this highly anticipated matchup. 

“Perfect timing. This battle is one of the more high-stakes battles of the year. Feel like its a must-win for both of us. Both in situations we need a win in and this being in Philly stacks everything against me, but this the kind of pressure that will bring the best out of me” – John John Da Don 

Eazy The Block Captain coming into this battle off the heels of a tough loss to Geechi Gotti. This defeat marked the end of one of, if not the most remarkable winning streaks in battle rap history. Despite this setback, Eazy remains one of the best battlers in the world. His ability to bounce back from a loss will showcase the true essence of greatness. Rising from adversity is a testament to one’s true greatness. It’s in the face of challenges and setbacks that individuals reveal their inner strength, resilience, and character. The ability to overcome adversity not only defines one’s greatness but also inspires others, serving as a powerful reminder that setbacks can be the stepping stones to success.

On the other side of the stage stands John John Da Don, a veteran & a legend in the game, who is faced with the difficult assignment of taking on one of the hottest battle rappers, in their backyard. While John John may not be the most intimidating opponent Eazy has faced, adding a name like John John Da Don to your resume is an achievement in itself. It adds a valuable feather to any battler’s cap, especially when considering the legacy of battling legends.

The history between these two artists adds an intriguing element to this battle, you can reference back to the end of 2021 and the spring of 2022, John John made the initial callouts to battle Eazy. John John dropped a catchy diss track targeting Eazy during his incredible winning streak, creating a demand for the battle. While Eazy has been battling legends who are already solidified and more accomplished than him, the dynamics have shifted since 2021/2022. Eazy The Block Captain has emerged, and is the A-side of this battle, being hotter, more popular, and considered the favorite as they prepare to step into the ring in 2023.



In an interview with 3lettaman from PSAReloaded, John John Da Don confirmed that Eazy The Block Captain is putting up a significant $25,000 on the floor their battle. This revelation sets the stage for a high-stakes showdown, emphasizing the intensity and prestige associated with this much-anticipated battle.

John John Da Don is no stranger to high-pressure and challenging battle situations. Throughout his career, he has faced some of the most formidable opponents and has consistently risen to the occasion. However, what sets John John apart is his willingness to embrace these intense situations. The upcoming battle against Eazy The Block Captain is a perfect example of this mindset. Being counted out and considered the underdog is a source of immense motivation for him. It’s in battles like these, with stakes at their highest, that John John thrives and aspires to bring out the best version of himself. He sees this as an opportunity to prove his resilience and showcase his unmatched skill and adaptability in the city of brotherly love. With his back against the wall, John John Da Don is determined to leave an indelible mark. And The judges for this battle will be determined and announced later down the line. 


Personal Analysis

In my personal analysis of this battle, as we delve deeper into the matchup, it’s evident that Eazy holds a strong advantage. At first glance, I see Eazy emerging as the clear victor in this contest.  John John as of recently, hasn’t battled at the level Eazy has been at. Despite the Geechi performance, Eazy’s peak of the Hitman Holla battle is still probably one of the Top 5 performances of this year. 

In a candid reflection on the impending battle with Eazy The Block Captain, John John Da Don doesn’t mince words. Continuing to reference his interview with PSA Reloaded He admits to having little respect for Eazy, both as a battle rapper and as a person. In reference to John John’s interview with PSA Reloaded, he really shows his confidence is unwavering; that he is untroubled by Eazy’s key attribute of counter-writing because he’s armed with a wealth of ammunition to fire back and has a lot to say to Eazy. The power of the unknown is to the benefit of John. “He doesn’t know what I’m coming with.” – John John 

I have no doubt that John John would relish the chance to silence the doubters, fueled by disbelief, there is a fiery determination and disdain for his opponent, a motivational factor could be in play, but It’s not just a matter of style. Eazy’s unique skillset and abilities make him a match-up nightmare for John John. His strengths lie not only in his pen game but also in his impeccable ability to dissect and assassinate his opponent’s character. Eazy’s mastery of angling, coupled with his character-assassination skills, gives him a distinctive edge. Coupled along with the perspective that Eazy has a good enough pen to separate himself from some of the content that John John can present bar-wise. 

John John Da Don, a tactician in his own right, possesses the skill set required to craft the perfect angle to exploit Eazy’s vulnerabilities. It’s important to note that John John is more than capable of breaking down his opponents effectively, as he has done countless times in the past. So it’s not impossible. And John has made it clear if he is as big an underdog as the fans and polls are saying he is, then the onus and pressure to perform is on Eazy. Both emcees can deliver and execute high-level angles, However, what might tip the scales in Eazy’s favor is his counter-writing skills. Eazy’s ability to respond to his opponent’s angles with precision and wit can be the game-changer in this battle. I have Eazy winning clear, possibly 3-0. 

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