Motivation In The Madness: Jey The Nitewing

Jey The Nitewing is set to make a statement as he steps into the spotlight for his first main event battle on the Ultimate Rap League (URL) His opponent? None other than the three-time Champion of the Year, Geechi Gotti. (Main event badge unlocked)

Jey is coming off his magnificent performance against Madflex on King Of The Dot’s Blackout 8 event, where his battle was not only considered one of the best battles of the weekend but one of the best so far in 2023. It felt like a breath of fresh air to see Jey’s performance against Madflex because his symphony of skill and precision was on full display, and he performed at the level I have always projected for him since his rookie year coming into the league. 

In a recent interview with PSA Reloaded, Jey reflects on his journey. And he opens up about his approach to the craft. He acknowledges that, in the early days, his battles were fueled purely by passion. However, as time passed, he found himself settling into a comfort zone, battling with a complacency that hindered his growth. At the top of 2021, when Jey The Nitewing battled the return of Nu Jerzey Twork, he had one of the best 3rd rounds of that year and created a special moment. I swore after that performance he was ready to ascend to another stratosphere. The struggles he faced in consistently meeting his own high standards, particularly started in the middle of the year and most strikingly after the Loso battle at the end of 2021.

It wasn’t until Jey recognized the need for a higher sense of responsibility that he truly tapped into the level he knew he should have been operating at from the beginning. In a candid revelation, he admits that he lacked the motivation to push himself and often struggled to find reasons to engage in battles. 


The Impact Of A Clear Mind

The turning point for Jey came when he decided to treat his craft with the discipline it deserved. Now, armed with a newfound commitment, he speaks of feeling unstoppable. While maintaining humility and acknowledging the potential for setbacks, Jey exudes an air of invincibility that stems from his newfound dedication that he should’ve applied in the past. 

In 2022, Jey The Nitewing embraced a new chapter in his life by securing a position at Boeing, a move that proved to be a transformative experience both mentally and creatively. This career shift played a crucial role in providing him with a respite from the intense world of battle rap, offering a mental sanctuary that allowed for a clearer perspective. Immersed in the challenges of his work at Boeing, Jey found a renewed sense of focus and dedication, channeling his energy into his professional endeavors during his time away from the battle rap scene.

The demanding nature of his job not only served as a distraction but also ignited a newfound passion and obsession. This immersion in a different sphere allowed Jey to return to battle rap with a refreshed mindset and an invigorated spirit. Coinciding with the emotional weight of losing his grandmother during his hiatus of battling, all of these life events became the catalyst for his personal growth.

 It’s evident that time off from battle rapping and focusing on other areas in your life opens the door for clarity and refreshing creative new perspectives. The importance of mental health can not be understated in a sport that requires your mind to create miracles and magic on the stage. Very similar to one of my previous articles about Chef Trez hitting his 2nd prime this year, Chef Trez talked about a new refound purpose and joy in getting his mind clear and devoting himself to fatherhood for his newborn. It created separation from the constant routine that is involved with being active in the culture and that clearer mind has translated into his performances this year. 

Jey’s journey at Boeing became instrumental for his own self-discovery, prompting him to reevaluate the trajectory of his talents. The time away from the stage provided him with the necessary breathing room to reflect on his craft, and he emerged with a profound realization — that he shouldn’t allow his remarkable talent to merely linger in the air. This clarity, coupled with the resilience developed through life’s challenges, sets the stage for Jey The Nitewing’s return to battle rap with a heightened sense of purpose.

“I’m not used to battling this confidently, a lot of the battles you love from me are battles where im still nervous, still scared.” – Jey The Nitewing via PSA Reloaded

Taking On The Challenge of Geechi Gotti

In the lead-up to his highly anticipated battle with Geechi Gotti, Jey The Nitewing displays a keen awareness of the unique dynamics at play in this main event matchup. Recognizing that he represents a high-risk and low-reward situation for the seasoned three-time Champion of The Year, Jey understands the calculated gamble that Geechi is taking, and it defines Geechi’s nature as a competitor. Jey acknowledges that, while he may not be a ‘nobody’, there are arguably safer options for Geechi to solidify his candidacy for Champion of the Year to secure his 4th title. 

The fact that Geechi Gotti didn’t shy away from this challenge resonates with Jey, revealing either a profound confidence in his abilities or a disregard for the conventional risk-reward calculus. Although I will say, Geechi Gotti is used to giving shots to battlers that are still climbing the ranks, you don’t particularly see it happen on URL as often as you do on various other platforms. With this card being in the West, it makes the opportunity even more special. So I don’t personally see this as high risk or low reward. Jey The Nitewing is the 5th ranked battler on the URL app despite his inconsistency over the past few years. He still holds a top ranking on the leaderboard which is a testament to how dominant his run actually was and he has always been regarded as one of the more elite writers in battle rap, especially when he’s on his game. Jey has remerged with one of the best battles this year and that showcased the peak of his powers and how dangerous he can be. 

For Jey, this battle is more than just a chance to prove himself on a larger stage; there’s a palpable anticipation, as he carries more than just bars in his repertoire—he bears a message for the entire culture. This battle is deeper than trying to win, it’s about making a statement and trying to have another Classic/Battle of the Year contender. With a determined glint in his eye, Jey asserts, “I have a lot to say, and I get to use Gotti as the microphone.”  In these words, he hints at the gravity of his convictions and the power he sees in this battle not just as a clash but as a platform to amplify his thoughts to the culture.

Balancing the intricacies of life alongside your art will always be a difficult challenge, but with Jey’s understanding of the nuances of his moment, his talents, and a new profound discipline towards his craft, makes me confident that his self-actualization will continue to bring us the Jey The Nitewing we have always known was there. Those who skillfully capitalize on these fleeting opportunities become the architects of their own extraordinary destinies.

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