The very first season of King Of The Dot has been a sight to behold and a roller-coaster to say the least. We have had ten months of excitement and battles that have left us wanting more. The season started with 48 battle rappers from 4 divisions – North, South, East, and West each had 12 battle rappers in the mix. Like the NBA season, this long-term commitment was a wonder to watch and has high stakes, with the winner walking away with bragging rights and $100,000.

Every rapper would battle three times per season and be judged by both professional entities and a Twitch fan vote. Their performances were evaluated by a point system called ‘Total Battle Scores.’ At the end of the season the top 4 rappers in each division with the highest accumulated Total Battle Score would determine which battle rappers would be going to the playoffs. So far, battle rappers have come and gone, and we await the season finale. The #3 seed from the West, Pass, is set to face the #3 seed from the North, Bill Collector. Coincidentally and delightfully, their total battle scores for the season are evenly matched at 432 points, making the upcoming finale even more exciting.


In this article, we’re going to look at Pass and Bill Collector’s matches, scores and discuss their different paths to the KOTD Season 1 finals. Let’s dive in!

Bill Collector: Matches and History

Bill Collector had an extremely successful 2020 when it came to battle rap. In fact, he was ranked #6 in Champion of the year.  On June 26th  2021, he had his first interview after the big announcement was made that he committed to the season and his exact word were “I haven’t gone on a run over at KOTD. So it’s time.” He was signed onto KOTD Season 1 and made his season debut against Stack Almighty. Subsequently, he faced Gauge, XQZ, Dunsh, MadFlex, and Mackk Myron.  In the season and post season

Season Debut: Bill Collector vs. Stack Almighty

It was week 7 when Bill Collector made his season debut against Stack Almighty. Because of a rescheduling, this battle got pushed back two weeks from week 5 to week 7. However, this did not dull the excitement. Anticipation increased because of Bill Collector’s reputation. When the day came, Bill Collector defeated Stack Almighty with a battle score of 150 – a perfect score. And the 2nd 150 of the season thus far (with Madflex, his future opponent  having the first)

He gave a chilling performance that has established a firm place in battle rap history. From claiming the second perfect score thus far into the season to making his opponent almost rage quit and give a legendary rant in the post-battle interview, Bill Collector made headlines and ensured this season was one to watch.

Bill Collector vs. Gauge

Week 11, after his stunning performance against Stack Almighty, fans and the battle rap community were expecting more greatness from Bill Collector. He did not disappoint. In fact, his rhymes and the execution of his performance earned him a battle score of 149 – just 1 point shy from a perfect score of 150. With an exceptional performance, many battle rap enthusiasts believe Bill Collector was robbed of the opportunity to have another 150. However, even so, the battle was an exceptional one and cemented Bill Collector’s with the highest Total Battle Score thus far this season. At 299 points.

Bill Collector vs. XQZ

With week 20 came Bill Collector’s third match against XQZ. Unfortunately, this was his worst performance of the season, with him coming out with a total battle score of 133 – a far cry from perfect and near perfect scores. With his third round a little under 2.5 minutes and some stumbles and slips in his material, this match did not show off Bill Collector’s capabilities or talent.

Many think he wasn’t well-prepared, and this was one of the biggest upsets of the season because of his unbelievable performance before this round. The performance knocked him down from a #1 seed in the to a # 3 seed, and he only made the playoffs by 3 points in his stacked division. Overall, this was a heavy loss and was felt by the fans and the battle rap community at large.

1st round of the playoffs: Bill Collector vs. Dunsh

Now a #3 seed, Bill Collector was set to face Dunsh, a #2 seed from the East division. With Dunsh dominating the entire season, remaining undefeated, and Bill Collector’s less-than-stellar performance against XQZ, the some fans in the culture had expectations for Dunsh to be a match up problem for Bill, as he is equipped with a similar skill-set as XQZ. However, in a surprising turn of events, Bill Collector came back with a vengeance and completely stole the show with a dominant performance. While this was Dunsh’s first loss in the season, It was the toughest loss he’s had all year. This performance from Bill was so dominant, it later had implications on Dunsh’s placement in the Top 20 voting for Champions of the Year(COTY) for 2021..

Quarter Finals: Bill Collector vs. MadFlex

Having established himself as a force to be reckoned with, Bill Collector now had to take on the #1 seed from the West – MadFlex. Both Bill Collector and MadFlex were the only two rappers to achieve perfect scores in their season debuts, so this was a match that had all eyes on it. However, despite MadFlex putting up a great effort, the majority decision sided with Bill Collector, who won.

Semi Finals: Bill Collector vs. Mackk Myron

Bill Collector had defeated 2 top battlers from different divisions, but in the semi-finals, he had to go up against Mackk Myron, a battle rapper from his own division. In addition to being a #2 seed, Myron was undefeated for the season and was ranked #4 in his Total Battle Score across all four divisions. With such an impressive statistical output, Bill Collector had a lot to go up against. This was easily one of Bill Collector’s toughest opponents.

Myron was a high-level performer known for his comedic timing, excellent punches, and aggression. And was a complete match up nightmare for Bill Collector. After having a high-level competitive battle on both sides, Bill Collector emerged the winner by a split decision. To Myron’s credit, neither rapper won any round with a large margin over the other. The competition was neck-to-neck and according to us, it was the best battle of the season – perhaps even the year (so far).  Mackk Myron was someone Bill Collector sparred with all season and the respect amongst the two of was a beautiful sight.

Pass: Matches and History

Originally, Pass was not part of the KOTD season. However, fellow battle rapper, Jag (Chubby Jag) was a no-show to his season debut, causing a delay in the scheduling in the west division. On August 22, 2021, KOTD removed Jag from the line-up and announced that Pass would be taking his place. Pass is a seasoned battle rap professional, and a staple from KOTD. Being a legend from Oakland, this only served to raise excitement and the stakes for the season. He decided to step up to the plate. “it’s time.” Said Pass in a KOTD interview when he joined the season.

Pass made his debut on September 12, 2021, ten weeks into the season by battling Fate. Since then, he has battled Cali Smoov, Clone, Ciddy, and Shotti P. In the season and post season.

Season Debut: Pass vs. Fate

Pass took on Fate in Week 10 in his season debut, giving an incredible performance and earning a total battle score of 145. Pass had an extraordinary debut and showed a variety of ways he can attack his opponents. This performance put the entire West division on notice that he was going to be a force to be reckon with. At this point in time, Pass vs Fate was the best battle of the season at the time.

Pass vs. Aktive

Pass was set to go up against battle rapper, Aktive. However, Aktive wasn’t participating in the season at this point, and Pass received a default 143 points due to the no-show.

Pass vs. Cali Smoov

In week 18, Pass took on battle rapper, Cali Smoov and emerged victorious with a total battle score of 144. At this point, he was undefeated for the entire season and landed the #3 seed in the west.  It was important to highlight how consistent Pass has been within this sample size of the season. The 6 rounds he had rapped thus far were all at the same high caliber and it seem Pass found a sustainable level to compete at. And he brings this same momentum into the post season.

1st round of the playoffs: Pass vs. Clone

Once he entered the playoffs, things got more serious for Pass. He was set up to go against the #2 seed from the South, Clone. It should be noted that Clone was not only #2 in his division but ranked #5 across all four divisions. Despite this, Pass was heavily favored to win and did so with ease.

Clone is known for his expertise as a puncher and he’s also a name flipping  specialist. However, despite his talent, he is no match for Pass in terms of patterns, cadence, and flow. Therefore, while Clone gave the battle his best effort, Pass emerged the winner and displayed outstanding rapping abilities.

While he may have secured the projected victory, he was still producing content just as potent as his battles in the regular season. What makes Pass so dangerous as a opponent is the fact he imposes his aggression on his opponent and keeps full control of his pacing not just in rapping ability but in endurance. Pass writes uphill and makes you have to earn every round. Any round that Pass lost up until this point was because it was snatched. If we were to grade rounds on a scale of 1-10, he is consistently at a 8.5/10 every round, with the chance to kick it up a 9.5/10. The margin of error is so minimal against Pass that if you even slightly move your foot off the pedal, he will take off on you.

Quarter Finals: Pass vs. Ciddy

The road only got more difficult for Pass as he took on the #1 ranked battle rapper of the entire season in terms of Total Battle Score – Ciddy. Additionally, Ciddy was the #1 seed from the North division and had an excellent style that could stand its own against Pass’s abilities. Ciddy has a slight advantage as he punches more but both talented rappers are known for their fluidity, flows, angles, patterns and multis. Both have excellent range with a variety of pockets and they both can easily match wits with their best attributes. And they showed it off in this battle as they went to war. However, Pass wins by a split decision. It was a close call and one of his toughest battles in the season.

Semi Finals: Pass vs. Shotti P

Now at the semi-finals, Pass had to battle against Shotti P, a battle rapper similar to Clone in some aspects. However, despite Shotti P’s abilities, just like Clone, he could not hold his own against Pass nor go the distance with him. Shotti P was a #4 seed from the North Division and his story was a feel-good story as he overachieved for the season. However, despite giving it his best shot, Pass got the best of him.

This battle highlighted what many of us already knew, i.e., Pass’ numerous pockets, his consistency, and his endurance. Ever since his season debut against Fate, Pass has been a consistent hard-hitter, and is definitely a contender for the finals.  He has been giving $100K worth of effort and passion all season.

Bill Collector vs Pass: Strength Of Schedule Index for the Season

Reviewing this index of both emcees competition for the season will give us little clarity of who has had the tougher road to the finals.


So far, Bill Collector has faced six opponents and has come out with a total score of 2405 points.

Pass has faced five opponents and has one default victory. Emerging with a total score of 2166 points.

While Bill Collector may seem to have the tougher road, Pass has remained undefeated for the entire season. When these two go head-to-head, it will certainly be a finale to watch and be in awe of.

The story line is special and historic. Bill Collector is the first battle rapper to ever reach the finals of a tournament on both URL & KOTD. As for Pass, by the luck of the draw he was presented with an opportunity to have entry to this season and has completely ran the table. And the beauty of this road is that it all starts with the decision to say yes.

Sometimes in life you say yes to opportunities and figure out the details along the way. The power of manifestation has lead them down a road where they’re both now, 1 battle away from changing their lives. Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire and become what you respect. 

We can’t wait to see who walks away with $100,000 and a chance to be cement a special accolade to their legacy.

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