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NOME Impact

In The Building Rating

Reporters in the building: Tai Tai & Titus Majors

PPV Rating

Event Recapped by staff Writers France & J Smo

LTBR Award Recipients

Battle of the Night: Gunorthodox vs EFGT | God body vs Wildcard  

The Biggest Win of the Night: DNA/JJDD Over Saflare/Footz | T-Top/Swamp over Ave/Fonz 

Best Isolation segment: #1 Tay Roc | #2 Fonz | #3 Shotgun Suge | #4 Ms.Hustle | #5 Ave 

#12 Hollow Da Don & Calicoe

While 2 legends of our highest tiers in Battle Rap, this was without a doubt the most unserious team on the card. While usually 2 of the best doing terrible would-be bigger news, this sadly wasn’t very surprising to many fans. Not only was their concerns of pace and chemistry in their styles, but Calicoe himself said in the faceoff “I really didn’t want to do this!”. And it showed.

From Hollow’s outdated writing style and awkward pace to Calicoes at times directionless pure rapping, this team just didn’t have the fire power for what a 2v2 is meant for. Calicoe at one point was freestyling from off stage, then tried to go back on stage and slipped…in the middle of the round. No effort, 12th place. 

#11 Shotgun Suge & O-Red (NJ Drive)

First things first, shoutout Suge whose performance as an individual is the only reason this team is not in last place. His iso segment in the 1st particular is the only redeemable quality of this battle. Good on Suge, can’t wait to see him hopefully on SM.

Now O Red. In a career that’s been riddled with incidents of complaining about the crowd and losing his voice, this one really takes the cake. Losing his voice after 1 round; bad. Pleading for Smack or someone else to quiet the crowd down; is very bad. Quitting, with all your material memorized and ready, cause the crowd is screaming for you to stop rapping; it’s officially a circus. The part may be most heinous though isn’t just on Red, it’s how this was even agreed upon and booked in the first place. The man has lost his voice in a room with a 10th of the amount of NOMEs attendance in it, there was never a point that this wasn’t the outcome. Bad booking = bad results. 

#10 Fonz & Ave

One of the most anticipated and only returning teams on the card, Ave and Fonz had high expectations going in. Unfortunately, even while being 2 of the most explosive punchers in the world, these expectations were not met. Their material was decent in the 1st 2 rounds, but their pace and lack of other battle rap factors made their rounds at times feel redundant which is one of the worst places to be as puncher. 

Their 3rd they flipped the switch, with 2 isos (1 for each) that was straight chains of haymakers. Why only this was found in the 3rd? Maybe the energy as Fonz raised the bar a lot to start. But their 3rd just had their best material as well, and although it was too late for the W, it saved them from falling farther down the list and was a showcase round. 


#9 Saflare Sole & Footz (Foot Soliders)

The premier young talent from the top 6 class, Saflare and Footz were going into an uphill fight vs some of the most seasoned vets in the game. Although prior chemistry has been established, their crowd control like most of the other new talents needs some work. This is expected though in a debut on NOME in a 3 rounder of this magnitude. Their 2nd had a great peak but ended extremely flat.

Add to that they got smoked in the 1st and 3rd, and got 30’d overall, it wasn’t a good battle for the prospects but a necessary one. Lessons can be learned and applied to 1v1 3-rounders, where it really matters.

#8 Kyd Slade & Awthenic (Sixty7)

The other half of the surprise battle, the extremely unexpected team of Awthenic and Kyd Slade was received with much skepticism at first but fought through it with some undeniably solid material. Truth is, no matter what crowd or region, Slade is now going to be met with some strange energy in his 1st rounds if he’s to continue being pushed as a talent. But it didn’t last long, as about halfway through the 1st the crowd was rocking with the teams surprisingly good chemistry with a lot of good peaks.

Like their opposition, they struggled a bit with pace, Awthenic stopping a little too much after every bar and Slade growing a bit frustrated with the up-and-down pacing. Their peak round was their 3rd, and their drug talk was some of the best sections of the battle. Solid showing from a team that may have garnered low expectations at first. 

#7 Sheed Happens & Swervoo (Murrland)

One half of the surprise battle, the DMV based team was the definition of peaks and valleys. There were highs, particularly from Sheed Happens who really demonstrated a masterclass, giving full effort in his performance which helps him land haymakers, build momentum and his level of animation leads to a great comedic bag he can hop into. Their 2nd was their peak, with Sheed’s Shawn Michaels Performance bar being a bar of the battle contender. 

The downfalls are 2-fold. One, they just rapped entirely too long with multiple 10+ min rounds leading to inevitable dips and dry spots. 2nd, Swervoo had some good moments but looked lost up on stage for parts of the battle, most visibly the 1st. The constant “Run it Backs” grew tiring almost instantly and some of the slip ups and issues in pace were evident, usual signs for first timers on this type of stage. Still, decent team for the most part. Sheed is ready for the big-time plates, and Swervoo gains some valuable experience. 

#6 Ms. Hustle & Danny Myers (God Body)

Ms. Hustle and Danny, join forces as members of EFB, for an anticipated performance to be filled with energy & relentless punchlines. However, outside of their 1st round, their chemistry, performance, and cohesion falter due to limited time for preparation. Despite the challenges, Hustle refused to back down and she commits to delivering bursts of high-energy moments. Ms. Hustle, with her impeccable delivery and commanding stage presence, takes the room by storm, compensating for Danny Myer’s shortcomings. Ms. Hustle’s ability to captivate the audience was able to keep the competitive nature alive in spurts for the battle, but they fall short of their goal. 

#5 Swamp & T-Top (Carolina Coalition)

Swamp and T-Top, hailing from the Carolinas, join forces to form megatron for their region. They face off against the formidable team of Fonz and Ave. Both Top & Swamp having individually defeated both of these opponents before, now unite as a team to conquer the same obstacle and once again, they were able render Fonz and Ave’s punching style ineffective. With their magnetic charisma, flawless execution, impeccable timing, street talk, and a material structure that leaves no room for error, Swamp and T-Top dominate he first two rounds of the battle, maintaining full control. Despite Fonz and Ave, fueled by determination, break out into a powerful isolation segment and launch an impressive comeback. 

#4 Lu Castro & Jerry Wess (Wildcard)

Jerry Wess and Lu Castro were thoroughly able to meet and exceed all expectations of what their entertainment level could bring. With their unique comedic timing, punchlines, and creativity, they were able to infuse their performances with an irresistible blend of humor and wit. Their originality knows no bounds as they showcase theatrics and creative sound effects that captivate audiences at every turn. Seamlessly transitioning between verses, their unique style and unwavering commitment to performance & their preparation set them apart from their competition. Both of them proving that success on the stage is not just about powerful punchlines, but also about the ability to entertain and leave an unforgettable impression.

#3 Tay Roc & Geechi Gotti (EFGT)

A dynamic duo of battlers that have ushered and shouldered the title of being the face of the league, in Geechi Gotti and Tay Roc. These two titans unite their polished fundamental skills and contrasting aggressive styles, igniting a storm of gun bars, gun bars, and more gun bars! Their energy and chain punching captivates fans with each bar, seamlessly blending potent gun line punchlines with undeniable delivery and command for the stage and a powerful isolation segment in their 3rd round. They effortlessly navigate the fine line between raw aggression and calculated precision, while delivering a show,

#2 NJ Twork & Rum Nitty (Gunorthodox)

Rum Nitty and Nu Jerzey Twork, merge their skills to form the explosive duo known as Gunortdox. With a thunderous delivery, unique and creative wordplay, a comedic sense of relief with humor and impersonations, and an unmatched level of stage presence, they set ablaze in almost every bar they touch. They revived a fatigued crowd and gave us a treat on the rewatch with so much layered writing. Their performance becomes a whirlwind of intensity.

#1 DNA & John John Da Don (PG Killers)

Two all-time greats collide in DNA and John John Da Don to create an unstoppable duo. With razor-sharp precision in their execution, a high level of battle rap IQ and an unbreakable bond of knowing each other for close to 2 decades, they commanded the stage, leaving audiences fulfilled and entertained.  Combining their unmatched wordplay, performance, strategy, and unwavering determination, these legends gave everyone a reminder of how polished they are at mastering a stage. Their synergy becomes an unstoppable avalanche for Saflare and Footz. A brilliant masterclass showing and a relentless pursuit of victory to prove a point.

J Smo Personal 12 Team ranking

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