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Event Recapped by France & Moni (Writing Contributor)

Our Society Battle League brings the 3rd installment of their staple event, Eminence 3!

This event was jam packed with some of your favorite names from the DMV, like Quban, Jakkboy, First Lady Flamez, the multiple personalities of Prep. You also had some prominent names like Th3 Saga & Elijah Strait making their debut on the league and many talented upcoming names ready to showcase their skills.

The event did run into a delay and started 3 hours after it’s initial start time, and we did miss out on some of the battles not going down, including the Main event in Chilla Jones vs Quban. But an announcement was made the following day regarding that match, it has been rescheduled to their Double Dragon card in August and it will now become a 3 round battle.

Major salute to the league owner, Kelz, for being able to still operate the event despite some of the hurdles she face. She was still able to create a very fun, exciting and comforting environment. She  does an interview after the event and tells 15 Minutes Of Fame This was one of the first events I wasn’t stressed. I was able to really enjoy myself, I wasn’t mad and every battle was really good.”

The composure she was able to maintain shows how much control she had of the situation and the ability to adapt when things don’t fall in your direction is a true demonstration of leadership and being able to still deliver a quality service/product/time.

LTBR Award Recipients

Battle of the Night: P Black vs P Burna
Biggest win of the Night:
Villa over Prep
Best Performances of the night:
#1 Yunus/Oppa | #2 Villa | #3 Lady Caution | #4 Th3 Saga/Elijah | #5 P Black


Recapped by France

Yoga Flame vs Yung Jugg

A very underwhelming battle. It was the only battle of the night that was lackluster. Both emcee lacked cleanliness. At one point, Yoga Flame screamed out “I wrote these round last night.” And proceeded with a choke… we can tell.

P Black vs P Burna

A dope back and forth and the best battle of the night in terms of competitiveness. P Black was flexing his pen, delivery and animation with the creativity of his punches. P Burna matched his intensity with aggressiveness and deep street talk level of content. It made for a good style clash. Both of their 3rd rounds seemed to fizzle out and lose stream so they will need to close their battles out better but the 1st two rounds were an absolute treat.

Villa vs Prep

Villa absolutely went to work ! He took full advantage of this opportunity and was able to put on a performance that will catapult his stock to newer heights and more opportunities. 

We all know the multiple personality angle with Prep is coming a mile away, but he was able to execute it in a manner that will leave us saying… yeah no one can do it better than this. He shook the building and arguably had the haymaker of the night that had Tay Roc losing his mind.  Prep fought back as much as he could but his effort was futile.

Jade vs Zeke

Another fun back and forth. Jade is a WeGoHard staple name and she pulls up OSBL to put in some pain. She showing off her punches, creativity and wittiness and attacks Zeke.

Zeke is able to not only respond with the same level of intensity in his content but uses humor to defuse Jade. He cracks a bunch of jokes about her body that rendered to be effective in the room and helped him gain momentum to close out the battle strong.


Recapped by Moni

Following the undercard, the host calls Th3 Saga, Elijah Strait, Yunus, and Oppa to the stage. Saga and Elijah are mid wing; and Yunus and Oppa are mid conversation. The gentlemen drop everything and head to the stage. Once they touched the stage, the energy in the room shifted immediately. You could feel it in the room. It’s no secret this was the most anticipated battle on the card for many reasons. One, Yunus and Oppa have paved the way for Twitter space battlers, and everyone is eager to see them in action once again; this time against URL battlers. Two, this is our first time seeing both Th3 Saga and Elijah perform as a team; as well as Yunus and Oppa. This brings an element of surprise. Alright you all get the point, now back to the battle. This was a one rounder, and Saga and Elijah went first. They set the tone for the battle. They come out the gate displaying levels in terms of complex writing and rapping; they had accurate schemes mixed in with various types of intricate flows and going in out of different pockets. 

Elijah and Saga delivered a powerful scheme incorporating places in Africa, “Somalia, Ghana, and Timbuktu (city in Mali).” They had other interesting bars like “I’m known by how I spin like a fingerprint”, “I’ve heard/hurt it all before, it’s like I’m injury prone” and “Of course you passed the test, it was an open book” (referring to Yunus and Oppa battling on the spaces).  

This battle was definitely a stock raiser for both Yunus and Oppa. These young men put on a show. They were firing from all cylinders. They had some heavy hitters mixed in with humor, personals, performance-they had the whole package. What should definitely be noted is the fact that they looked comfortable. Comfortable in front of Th3 Saga, a talented rapper who has been on the URL for nearly a decade; and Elijah Strait, another talented MC, from the UM4 class. Yunus and Oppa had plenty of rappers in the building going sick, especially Tay Roc, who lost his mind when Oppa delivered the “Elijah Muhammad” bar. Some other bars from Yunus and Oppa to highlight, “You still look like Lil Nas X, and I will have the horses in the back, “Hurt the boy, hit your boo/Buu saga and leave the Earth destroyed” , and “Elijah not in the horsemen, well he a horse by association like fake Polo.” See the video below.

After the battle, I went around asking people who they had won-some were saying, “Yunus and Oppa won clearly”; and others were saying, “They didn’t know what to call it.” The night was a little chaotic, so trying to get quotes verbatim was a little difficult. Nevertheless, URL Battlers Sheed Happens and Swervoo expressed how pleased they were with Yunus and Oppa’s performance. 

In the building, the argument for Yunus and Oppa seems extremely valid. They had digestible bars, creative personals, jokes, flashes of personality; they had it all. They also had great crowd control and the crowd loved them. I won’t say “gas” or “bias” because they deserved every single reaction they got. Most importantly, they were cleaner; and I felt they were more in sync with one another. Since I brought up “cleaner”, NO ONE CHOKED. There were minor hiccups here and there on Elijah’s behalf, but he recovered well and they got back into their flow. Things could look differently on the playback, but we would just have to wait and see.

What now?

Elijah and Saga are still Elijah and Saga. They both are incredible rappers and writers. Saga is an established artist inside and outside of battle rap, and he continues to put on and give back to the culture. Elijah has been on URL for a year now. He continues to showcase his rapping ability and he’s still reaching his potential.

Yunus and Oppa stocks have skyrocketed. Coming into this battle, the majority of the culture doubted them and thought they didn’t stand a chance, myself included. They proved everyone wrong. They proved they belong here. Obviously, they have to make minor tweaks individually; but as a 2 on 2, Yunus and Oppa were electrifying. They had Tay Roc, Drugz, Sheed Happens and many other respected battlers giving them props. The future is bright for these two. Just for the record, Yunus and Oppa are not “space” or “audio” battlers. They’ve touched platforms like KOTD, GTX, iBattle, and OSBL. They are battlers. Their journey may have been different, but they have earned every opportunity. Nothing was given to them. Let’s put some respect on their names. Yunus and Oppa. In the words of Grim, “It’s Murrland Nigga.”

First Lady Flamez vs lady Caution

Recapped by Moni

Flamez went first. She was rapping extremely well, as she always does. The material was there, the only thing lacking from her was energy. To give some context, the event started three hours later and they were the last battle of the event, which was unexpected. Chilla Jones vs Quban was supposed to be the main event, but due to personal circumstances; the battle did not go down. 

These elements could have been factors as to why the energy was slightly off for this battle. Flamez’s pen and bars were there, she gives you the street feel; and she talks to her opponents. Her conviction is always A1. 

Flamez had a powerful bar that landed and I wanted to highlight it, “It’s best to stay out the street when you ain’t gone pop or pill at all cause your press game weak. Don’t try to fit in all (fentanyl) situations, be aware of your needs, the perks of knowing where you cut from could make you elite.”

Kudos to Jet Packing Gina for the Clip

Lady Caution went second, and she brought energy and momentum. She looked comfortable, she performed very well and she was landing heavy punches. Caution had some fire bars from the “Handle on my side like I’m pulling my seat back” to “Shooter shot at me, think bear hugs, I squeeze back.”

After the battle Caution talked about her difficulties preparing for this battle, “The biggest obstacle was to get this crowd to be my crowd. People already had me losing 100%” says Caution, in her interview with 15MOF.

In an interview with 15MOF, Flamez says, “She won in the building, she had the momentum. Now if you play it back and feel differently, you feel differently, but in the moment, she got that.”

Overall, it was a dope one round battle. Both ladies are talented rappers. They both displayed their pen and performance abilities. I would love to see them battle on OSBL again, this time earlier in the event, so they can get the undivided attention they deserve. I think this battle will translate better on camera. It will be exciting to see what’s next for Lady Caution and First Lady Flamez this year.

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