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Congratulations to Rapoff Battles for having a successful first event. This event was live and streamed for free on Rapoff’s Twitch channel. Battle Rapper & twitch streamer, Eddy I was the commentator for the stream and kept the energy going the entire evening. He did a good job of hosting by keeping the twitch chat entertained while also providing good dialogue in between the battles.

We got to watch some live performances from rap duo Water Buffalos, comprised of Chase Moore from Sacramento, California and Fredo Algebra from Union City, California. We also got the pleasure of a live performance from rap duo Blimes and Gab, comprised of Seattle MC Gifted Gab and San Francisco-bred Blimes Brixton. We even got a freestyle between illmac and Lush One towards the end of the night. Unfortunately the battle between RX & First Lady Flamez did not go down as Flamez was unable to make it to the battle. With the exception of 1 cancellation and a few choppy performances, we had a very solid and entertaining night. The remaining 3 battles of the night served as an under-card to premier Rapoff’s NFT Cartoon battle between the Bored Ape & Cryptopunk.

If you are unaware of these two cartoon figures or have yet to explore the world of NFTs. The CryptoPunks are a non-fungible token collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was launched in June 2017 by the Larva Labstudio, a two-person team consisting of Canadian software developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, or often colloquially called Bored Ape, is a non-fungible token collection built on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features profile pictures of cartoon apes that are procedural generated by an algorithm. Yuga Labs is the parent company of Bored Ape Yacht Club.


LTBR Award Recipients

Battle of the Night: Bigg K vs Jey The Nitewing
Performance of the Night: Frak
Biggest win of the night: Frak


Lu Cipher and The Saurus kick off the evening. Lu Cipher coming off his 2nd round exit from the KOTD S1 playoffs was coming into this battle with a lot of momentum after having one the best years of his career in 2021. He takes on the two time World Rap Champion, Scribble Jam champion, battle rap legend and Mount Rushmore candidate The Saurus.

Lu Cipher seem to start off this battle at a strange pace than his normal standard. He had stumbles in every round and would laugh in between his bars every round which derailed him from fully gaining steam. His 2nd round was his best round, he found a couple of pockets and showed The Saurus his range with multi syllabic rhyming. Lu rapped over the time limits every round which possibly hindered his chances at winning this battle more than helped. The Saurus kept a a subtle approach to this battle which was effective and efficient. He had harder hitting punches and a cleaner performance. The Saurus is on pace to have 200 battles under his catalogue and after 2 decades of battling its good to still see him stay active.

ROUND 2- THE SAURUS (edge Debatable)


Second battle of the evening, Danny Myers vs Frak. Frak is a battler we don’t see a lot who brings a witty angle based style that makes him a problem for anyone who can’t match it. Contrasting that with Danny who we see put in work week in and week out with a bar heavy approach, It seems we were headed towards a fun style clash.

Frak goes first and lays the blueprint for what his approach would be the whole battle, diving into Danny’s style in a humorous way that only Frak can do. The Bargod had an early stumble in the 1st round but recovered well and pieced together a good round. Rounds 2 & 3, Frak hit another level in a way only the elites can, he tapped into topics and angles we’ve heard before but did it in an innovative way that felt refreshing. Danny 2nd round was the best of his performance. Unfortunately, Danny had a hard choke in his 3rd and tried to get it back but couldn’t establish any momentum. Danny seems to be facing some early fatigue into the year, as Frak was already his 11th battle of 2022. Not to mention this was Danny’s 3rd battle in 3 weeks. And at this pace, Danny Myers is on course to average 3 battles per month for the year 2022.

While Frak was hoping for a more competitive effort from Danny, he walks away with the the clear victory here.

ROUND 1-  Frak (Clear)
ROUND 2- Frak (Debatable)
ROUND 3- Frak (Clear)


Yet again, another interesting style clash between the intricate and unorthodox writing abilities   of Jey The Nitewing vs an elite puncher in Bigg K

Nitewing opts to go first with no coin toss needed. He sets the tone
Bigg K opens his first round with an angle about Nitewing’s new class and his lack of character.
and starts to break down why he hates Nitewing’s style. Bigg K found some pockets he liked and continued to expand on the opening subject. Bigg K also laid the bread crumbs in his first round for what his 3rd round angle would be later on. 

Nitewing continues to build momentum in his 2nd round. Jey opens the round with superb name flips and gets direct about Bigg K’s character and status. A Helicopter flew over the crowd during Jey’s 2nd round. Every battle rapper doesn’t have the ability to freestyle so quickly on the spot or freestyle in the middle of their material, but a Chopper flying over your battle is definitely an opportunity. Bigg K spends his 2nd round attacking caffeine and correlating it to Nitewing being a URL Battler but had a very short round.

The 3rd round gets a little wicked, Nitewing opens up his 3rd with a race angle about Bigg K being white and not over stepping his boundaries in battle rap/hiphop. “We see you as entertainment, don’t confuse it for validation.” He talks about things Bigg K has said in the past on social media and while the substance in Jey’s round was getting deeper, he hit a hard stumble and recovered quickly and finishes the round.  Bigg K opens the 3rd round with possibly the best line of the battle. “Embalming fluid, we used to drip squares out like Men’s Wearhouse.” Bigg K has a strong first half of the round and spends the bottom half talking about Jey’s culture, references the spam bar from the first round, Hawaii and more Samoan references. Interestingly enough Bigg K did some counter writing and foreshadowed Jey’s 3rd round angle.

ROUND 1- Bigg K (Clear)
ROUND 2- Jey The Nitewing (Clear)
ROUND 3- BIGG K (preference) 


Before the premier of the NFT Cartoon battle, Illmac gives plays the history of the Bored Ape & Cryptopunk battle. The two NFT projects inevitably sparks a healthy rivalry between the communities crypto punks tap into pop culture with celebrities, all of them using the punk as their twitter Avis. Bored Ape’s goes for the number one spot to be the leader in the Crypto world. This animated battle serves as the perfect ending to a rivalry that pitted historical significance within the NFT community.


Illmac served as the voice of the Bored Ape And B-Dot served as the voice of the Cryptopunk.

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