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Event Recapped by Tai Tai

Queen Of The Ring has their 2nd event for the year in Queens Court.  The card brought back a QOTR Staple name in Don Ladyii, some rising talent that has been circulating the scene, some newer names we may not be familiar with all for a fun evening of battle rap.

The atmosphere of the event felt organized, controlled and the event ran smoothly. Unfortunately we missed out on some battles due to a couple of emcees being unable to be present. We didn’t get the Hope Trilly/Tia S, Charisma/Kai The Poet or Diablo/West Coast Ken battles. None the less QOTR was able to make the absolute most with the remaining battles of the card and everyone delivered an entertaining performance. 

Queens Court also had a Scrimmage series as an undercard for rising inter-gender talent to showcase their skills on the platform. Red Bangz & Mallorei , Uno & Lou Wop gave a solid showing and was a great appetizer to the main even card. 

LTBR Award Recipients

Battle of the Night: Yoshi G vs Don Ladyii  | Tez Love vs Breezy
Best Performances of the night: #1 Yoshi G | #2 Don Ladyii| #3 Tez Love |


Recapped by Tai Tai

Queen Of The Ring got a main event that delivers! A Staple name of the brand in Don Ladyii, makes a long anticipated return after a 4 year hiatus, to take on the polarizing and talented Yoshi G for a thrilling back and forth.

Don sets the tone for the battle with a solid round and Yoshi flexes her writing abilities and is showing adjustments from her previous showings this year with her crowd engagement. Don reminds us all why we love her and have missed her so much with a direct attack towards Yoshi, barking and giving us great wordplay.

Don shows the range and variety in her material with punches, word play, directness, a powerful angle and even shows her she gets nasty too! Yoshi is making the improvements to her performance, projection without sacrificing the dexterity of her writing. This is gonna be one of them ones when it hits Youtube. Really enjoyed this battle.



Recapped by Tai Tai

Mosca Flux from Raleigh NC vs Jay Love from Brooklyn, NY, are two ladies that are rising the ranks in female battle rap stand toe to toe against each other in efforts to make it to the next level ! 

Jay Love keeps the crowd engaged, shows her disrespect, some witty punchlines and brings her presence to the ring. Mosca brings starts off the battle showing energy, humor and is very direct. Mosca uses her third round to get into a real life angle and shows how transparent and real she can be. This was a solid battle between both of them showing the potential for what can be in the future for both of them if they continue to hone their craft and work hard.


Recapped by Tai Tai

Tez & Breezy was such an enjoyable battle to start off Queens Court. Tez is filled with conviction in his delivery. He raps his bars with confidence and a swagger that enhances his material. He displayed great energy, hunger and  a desire to earn the crowd. He raps like he has something to prove.

Brezey was a good counter to Tez’s style as she brings in a unique delivery and writing ablitity to neturalize her opponent. Good counter writing & good schemes, the pen is mightier than the sword! They have an entertaining back and forth and look forward to seeing more of both of them.

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