Gun Titles: Tsu Surf Speaks & Eazy The Block Captain Responds

Tsu Surf Thoughts On Eazy Leaving Gun Titles

In a recent Twitter space by Black Compass Media, battle rapper Tsu Surf has addressed Eazy The Block Captain’s departure from the highly acclaimed Gun Titles. Tsu Surf, known for his straightforward and unfiltered opinions, expressed his lack of concern regarding Eazy’s decision to leave the group.

“I don’t feel any type of way. It was a clout move that he left.” Tsu Surf stated, suggesting that Eazy’s departure was primarily motivated by a desire for attention and recognition. Tsu Surf emphasized the importance of understanding and selecting the right individuals to surround oneself with, highlighting the need to choose personnel wisely.

Furthermore, Tsu Surf criticized Eazy for announcing his departure on social media before personally informing the other members of Gun Titles, such as Tay Roc and himself. He asserted that this action demonstrated Eazy’s focus on social media validation and the desire to be part of the algorithm, rather than prioritizing direct communication with his fellow artists.  “The fact you gave it to social media before you Hit ROc or hit me shows you doing this for social media you wanna be in the algorithm, You got my text app. An internet reaction is what he wanted. I don’t hate anyone or feel any type of way.”

While Tsu Surf acknowledged Eazy’s decision, he maintained a composed stance, explaining that he harbored no feelings or animosity towards Eazy or his actions. 

Asserting his own position as a battle rap “mastermind,” Tsu Surf hinted that Eazy’s departure would not significantly impact the group’s trajectory. 


Eazy TBC Responds To Tsu Surf

Battle rap, alliances, and group affiliations can play a significant role during a window of a rapper’s career. Recently, Eazy faced criticism from Tsu Surf, his former partner in Gun Titles, who suggested that Eazy’s departure from the group was a mere clout-seeking maneuver. Eazy, however, has responded to this with a different perspective, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding his decision.

Eazy acknowledges the popularity he had garnered as a battle rapper during the time of his departure from Gun Titles, stating, “I was the hottest battle rapper in the world at that point and I was peaking.”  Recognizing that the Ultimate Rap League (URL) wasn’t prioritizing YouTube exposure, Eazy saw an opportunity for growth by joining Gun Titles, but he did express his views to Surf. Eazy emphasizes that his decision to become a part of Gun Titles was a calculated business decision and it was a good move for both parties.

Setting the record straight, Eazy asserts that it would have been considered a clout-seeking act if he had actively pursued Gun Titles. Instead, the invitation to join the group was extended to him, and he viewed it as an opportunity worth exploring. Eazy emphasizes that he harbors no ill will towards his former group members, stating, “I don’t hate these guys, I got love for these guys.” However, he does express disappointment in not receiving the loyalty he had shown towards them.

Since parting ways with URL, Eazy reveals a lack of communication from his former associates, stating, “I haven’t spoken to Tay Roc since the Hitman battle. Since then, I haven’t spoken to anybody.” Despite this, Eazy maintains a professional stance and refrains from speaking ill of anyone involved. He emphasizes that his decision to leave Gun Titles was not personal, but rather a result of differing perspectives and situations that no longer aligned.

Eazy concludes by expressing his desire for reciprocal loyalty, highlighting the absence of support he experienced for his own endeavors. He states, “If I’m showing loyalty, I need some type of it back. No one shared the flyer to my event, I couldn’t get a share, tweet, nothing?” Eazy’s remarks reflected his disappointment in the lack of support received from Gun Titles while he was still associated. 

“Just certain situations don’t meet each other’s criteria anymore. I have nothing bad to say about Tsu Surf, Tay Roc, Chess, or Pristavia, or none of them. There were some things I didn’t agree with. And I took action.”


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