Nu Jerzey Twork Opens Up About Having To Reschedule The Shotty Horroh Battle

In the fast-paced world of battle rap, unexpected challenges can arise. Nu Jerzey Twork has recently faced a significant hurdle that will prevent him from participating in a highly anticipated battle against Shotty Horroh in London on Premier battles. This article delves into the circumstances surrounding Twork’s transparency on his absence, shedding light on the challenges he encountered and his commitment to making amends.

The Legal Struggles

Last year, Twork found himself entangled in a legal predicament when he was caught with a firearm, leading to a period of incarceration. After serving a few months in jail, he opted for a plea deal that placed him under supervised probation. Initially, he was granted clearance to leave the country for the battle against Shotty when it was first discussed and booked. Twork’s situation took an unforeseen turn.

Recently, Twork made a significant life change by acquiring a home in Georgia. This decision prompted a switch in his probation terms, resulting in a more strict set of conditions under this probation. In order for him to get the clearance now to leave the country, he would have to obtain written consent from a judge to travel internationally, Twork faced a strenuous process that could take an endless amount of time to resolve. 

Frustrated by the obstacles hindering his participation, Twork, Anwar (his manager) and his team explored all possible avenues to make the battle happen. He reached out to legal professionals and even contemplated still boarding the plane despite the lack of official permission. However, Shotty Horroh and his management team, cognizant of the potential legal repercussions, advised against such a risky move.  Twork’s management team also advised against this idea. 

Rescheduling the Battle

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Twork, Shotty, and their respective teams collectively agreed to reschedule the battle. All funds initially allocated for the event were returned to Shotty’s team, accompanied by a rescheduling fee that amounted to less than half of Twork’s original purse, just for inconvenience. Despite the setback, both artists remain committed to delivering an unforgettable performance for their fans in the UK.

In a heartfelt message to his supporters, Twork took full responsibility for the situation, expressing remorse for the disappointment caused to the UK fans. He acknowledged the need for change in his life and emphasized his determination to learn and make right for his past mistakes. “I don’t have anybody to blame but myself, even though I am trying to change the things I did in the past, not only in my carer but in my life. But sometimes when you do things of that nature they come back to haunt you whether you tried to change or not, We still made those mistakes and this is one of the consequences of those mistakes.” – Nu Jerzey Twork

Twork wanted to release his rounds for the battle on YouTube for the fans but Both Shotty’s team & his management team advised against that Shotty Horroh advised Twork that he will have a card next year, scheduled for March of 2024 and Twork is set to conclude his probation in late February of 2024. The prospect of a rescheduled battle is on the horizon. Twork remains optimistic about the future.

Nu Jerzey Twork’s journey reflects the unpredictable nature of life outside the battle rap ring. While setbacks are inevitable, Twork’s resilience, maturity, and commitment to personal growth demonstrate that even in the face of adversity, redemption is possible. As we eagerly await the rescheduled match between Twork and Shotty Horroh.

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