URLTV: Viixen vs O’fficial Recap

Viixen & O'fficial Put on !

It was the Friday before NOME 14, and we got some warm-up battles to gear up for the weekend. The Rescheduling of Kyd Slade vs Saflare Sole was streamed for free on YouTube after the NOME 14 Faceoffs. We also got to watch Nu Jerzey Twork vs J2,  and the rescheduling of Kapo Bravado vs Shotgun Suge. There are some interesting subplots from this performance. We saw an engaging exchange between Slade/Saflare and dominating victories from both Kapo Bravado & Nu Jerzey Twork. Still, the night did not anticipate receiving such an unexpected delight when Viixen & Official stepped to the center of the room; mic’d up and ready to go to war. 

Initially, URL announced that Viixen & O’fficial was scheduled for July 6th. The ladies had a face-off Friday night as promotion for the battle, and in their face-off, they made susceptibly visible that they were both ready to perform today, and to our surprise, that’s just what we got. Expediting the battle and giving a show with a high-quality three-round battle that lives up to people’s expectations for the battle. Not just being the best battle of Friday night, but both battlers delivered three intense and vaulable rounds, showing versatility compared to the “puncher” category they are always placed in and delivered on what you would hope this battle to be when you hear these two names matched up. 

The battle started on O’fficial, and out the gate. She clearly emphasized one key element of battle rapping: RAPPING. With switches into many different flows and an extremely fast pace at times that brought energy off rip, Official was punching back to back in signature fashion while varying the delivery to get the crowd engaged. 1st half of her 1st is strong, name flipping early and effectively. 

“I been waiting to see Viixen all night / BET uncut” 

Towards the back half of the round, the pace catches up to her as she struggles with breath control a little more, but still closes out a formidable 1st round. Viixen, in response, matched O on every level, bringing the same energy and back-to-back punching to start, giving the people what they wanted from this battle in the 1st. Viixen was not only name-flipping in return but showing a lot more to her game with some early angling (which she’d use even more later) and getting into her own pockets. Even using the lights as a prop for a bar in the round. 

Since we seem divided / I’m a 3-0 O / Leonidas” 

Close 1st could go either way and ultimately decide the battle. In the building, many had Official, but I personally had Viixen up 1-0 edge.

2nd & 3rd Rounds

The 2nd and 3rd results are cleaner and show the best of both sides. While O’fficial had a solid but stepped down from her 1st type of 2nd, Viixen stayed in form with a very, very angle-heavy round, breaking down her Official lack of success compared to her Bardashians counterparts, her size, as well as her legacy overall in Battle Rap with a full career breakdown round. For someone who is always considered punch-heavy, seeing a fully angle-based round was refreshing, and the execution also ended up being her most decisive round of the battle, if not her 1st. Clear 2nd to Viixen, making it 2-0 for me but a v arguable 1-1. 

The battle concludes with Official delivering not just her best round, but the most impactful round of the battle. She strategically mirrors Viixen’s career breakdown type round, adding a touch of legacy talk and a powerful closing line, “I could fall off from my peak and wherever I land is still higher than your best”. This round, filled with the biggest room shakers and the most tailored material, clearly outshines Viixen’s pretty good angle-heavy round, sealing the victory for Official on a high note. 

2nd to Viixen, 3rd to O’fficial, and a 1st that’ll be the center of the whole debate. This is what battles of this importance should equate to: some of the best efforts we’ve seen recently from either side and a stock boost for both battlers. Personally, I had Viixen 2-1 (1st and 2nd), but only time will tell how the game overall consensus feels. Great work by the ladies, and hopefully, many more of these battles will follow on NOME 14. 

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